General Tips

Removing and storing excess or large bulky furniture can be challenging, but it opens up the floor space and makes the home look much larger.
  • Remove personal items/photos
  • Remove all visible clutter from the floor and horizontal surfaces
  • Place fresh towels on the towel bars
  • Open all the window treatments before scheduled arrival, they will be adjusted during shooting for the best balanced shots.
  • Tidy up or put away all children’s toys
  • Empty waste baskets
  • Hide all trash cans, cleaning supplies, magazines, books, power cords, religious and political items
  • Hide pet dishes/toys/beds
  • Turn off all ceiling fans, computer screens and televisions— anything that moves
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Sweep hard floors
  • Only display attractive, neutral themed books
  • Put away any mats in the kitchen, bath or laundry. These are usually not fresh looking.

If you have any decorative rugs, consult a stager or ask me to determine whether or not they should stay. Less is more!

Decluttering Kitchens

When the kitchen counters are cleared, it makes the kitchen look bigger, and buyers can imagine how they might use the space.

Remove everything but perhaps a few decorative items from the countertops and clean all surface areas, including the appliances, kitchen sink and backsplash.

  • Clear all appliance surfaces of magnets, calendars, and personal items
  • Coffee makers, mixers, and decorations only distract buyers, and often make the kitchen feel cluttered.
  • Only display decorative items, such as attractive cutting boards or utensil crocks with a minimal amount of utensils
  • Store food in cabinets
  • Declutter counters, stove, etc…
  • Stow small appliances
  • Hide soaps, unless they are very decorative
  • Hide dish towels, cleaning items, sponges
  • Clear sink of dishes
  • Put away draining rack
  • Organize items on open shelving
  • Clean and organize pantry shelves if the pantry is a feature to be photographed

Tidying Dining Areas

Centering tables beneath chandeliers and removing extra table leaves makes the space feel comfortable.
  • Straighten/push in dining chairs
  • Add centerpiece, candles or a vase of flowers
  • Dust corners and furniture
  • Place settings can be a distraction
  • Table cloths can look old fashioned
  • Dining tables are best with simple centerpieces
  • Remove additional furniture to make the room feel more spacious

Perfecting the Bedrooms

The master bedroom needs to shine, make it inviting with neatly made beds and fluffed pillows.
  • Make the beds, stand pillows up along the headboard or wall.
  • Arrange decorative pillows 
  • Add a throw or quilt across the foot of the bed
  • Put away clothing, shoes, jackets
  • Clean under the bed
  • Clear surfaces of clutter including nightstands and dressers
  • Put away any electronics and charging cables
  • Tidy closets if they are to be photographed

Sparkling Bathrooms

Create a relaxing environment that doesn't remind buyers of cleaning chores.
  • Make the bathrooms sparkle
  • Shine all mirrors, windows, glass and counters
  • Clean, neatly folded towels hung or placed on towel racks
  • Clear counters of toiletries
  • Clean toilet and close lid, put away toilet paper
  • Remove all items from tub and shower 
  • Hide shampoo bottles, soaps, shaving razors, and other items
  • Take everything off of the bathroom counters, unless it's particularly clean and decorative. 
  • Unused decorative soaps or trays are ok. 
  • A small plant (real or fake) is a nice touch

Inviting Exteriors

Create a welcoming front and a back that beckons buyers to linger by cleaning up outdoor spaces.
  • Remove cars from driveway
  • Mow, attend to landscape
  • Clean and arrange patio furniture
  • Clean pool area
  • Clear away excess personal items from exterior including patios, porches, and garages
  • Sweep walkways, driveways, porches, patios
  • Clean up leaves, sticks, or fallen branches
  • Put toys and bicycles away
  • Store seasonal décor
  • Stow garden tools and yard work supplies
  • Hide or neatly coil hoses
  • Clean and remove covers from all pools, ponds and water features
  • Remove covers from attractive barbeque grills

Upon Arrival

Allow time for photographer to work
Shoots for real estate listings photograph every part of the house and yard. If you have pets or kids, it's good to plan to leave the house and give the photographer a non-occupied space to work with. While we can work around things, its best practice to give the photographer an environment to focus without distractions. You will get the best results out of the process if the house is prepared and unoccupied.