Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

Beaches are some of my favorite places, I love how small gazing at the vastness of the ocean makes one feel.  Not to mention, it's loads of fun playing in the waves, snorkeling, boogie boarding, or … [Read More...]


Animas, New Mexico

My husband has been working toward establishing a remotely operated telescope at Rancho Hidalgo in New Mexico which we hope to one day lease out on a nightly basis for anyone who is interested in … [Read More...]


Durham Real Estate Photography

In the Triangle area here in North Carolina, Durham is fast becoming one of my favorite spots. Theres been a huge push from the city and developers to renovate the city's urban areas, and they've done … [Read More...]



Floral Expressions

My sister-in-law was sweet enough to give me a beautiful bouquet of flowers for my birthday which were so lovely I painted them!  I also experimented with painting on a black canvas, which I really loved the result of, the flowers really pop and it gives a contemporary feel to a very classic flower. Below, […]


Abstract Grey Paintings

Here are some recent pieces I’ve finished have been in the abstract vein. Grey has been a common thread among recent works; I believe I am enamored with the color and with neutral color themes in general lately!


Desert Mountains

In the desert, there is a quiet peace and solitude to the vast emptiness. A warmth invites your gaze to linger. It is from this inspiration that I’ve painted my latest piece called “Desert Mountains.” I wanted to convey the warm tones and colors in the hot, arid climate but also the the vast emptiness […]